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Blush (2015) Watch Full Movie Streaming Online

Duration: 85 minutes
Actors: Sivan Noam Shimon, Hadas Jade Sakori, Dvir Benedek, Irit Pashtan
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director: Michal Vinik
Writert Michal Vinik
Release: 2015-10-22
Summary of Blush
Na'ama is seventeen. She lives in a sleepy suburbia. She is bored. With detached parents and a rebellious older sister, her life at home is a mess. It all changes when a new girl appears at school. She's introduced to a world of drugs, lesbians and sex. She's thrilled. Her life, at last, becomes exciting. Is it going to last? "Barash" is a coming of age story, planted in the heart of Israeli society, about a young woman who struggles to find her self-identity in an environment that has different ideas about sex, drugs and love.

Blush - 2015 Trailer

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