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Duration: 90 minutes
Actors: Laura Marano, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Christian Campbell, Alain Goulem
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Family
Director: Erik Canuel
Writert Matt Eddy (teleplay), Billy Eddy (teleplay), Eric Gardner (teleplay), Steven H. Wilson (teleplay), Eric Gardner (story), Steven H. Wilson (story)
Release: 2015-02-13
Summary of Bad Hair Day
The film is about a high school tech whiz (Laura Marano), who is determined to become prom queen. But on the big day, she suddenly wakes up having a bad hair day, and her destroyed prom dress, and everything that can go wrong, does go badly wrong. A police officer (Leigh-Allyn Baker) seeks the necklace that the teen somehow ends up possessing. Prom day goes really bad as the pair is pursued by a dogged jewel thief (Christian Campbell) on a wild ride cross around the city.

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