The Best Movie Pound of Flesh (2015) Online HD Full

Pound of Flesh (2015) Watch Full Movie Streaming Online

Duration: 104 minutes
Actors: Jean-Claude Van Damme, John Ralston, Aki Aleong, Charlotte Peters
Genres: Action, Thriller
Director: Ernie Barbarash
Writert Joshua Todd James
Release: 2015-05-07
Summary of Pound of Flesh
In China to donate his kidney to his dying niece, former black-ops agent Deacon awakes the day before the operation to find he is the latest victim of organ theft. Stitched up and pissed-off, Deacon descends from his opulent hotel in search of his stolen kidney and carves a blood-soaked path through the darkest corners of the city. The clock is ticking for his niece and with each step he loses blood.

Pound of Flesh - 2015 Trailer

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